More than just a sourcing solution

Empire Apparel Group is a supply chain solution company specialising in sourcing alternatives to China.

Our competitive advantage over other sourcing houses is our fabric and product development research. We bring to our customers the latest fabric innovations, mechanical and chemical treatments, and technical washes, so they are first to market and have clear product differentiation to that of their competitors. 

Most sourcing models base their technical staff in far reaching countries away from the end consumer. At Empire we have our senior technical staff at the front line in the market place where the consumer purchases the product. They understand customer trends and needs. They are supported by a strong technical team on the ground in each country, so that we can deliver these innovations quickly to the market place.

In addition to technical innovation, we offer an on the ground presence in countries that are some of the most difficult in which to operate – for example, Bangladesh & Indonesia.

Working with retailers and brands across the globe it has been our experience that costs need to be stripped out of business models and outsourced to partners , so that increased margins can be achieved. Our supply chain solutions have helped our partners deliver efficiencies, quality improvements and innovations while reducing costs and increasing margins.

At Empire we will add value, differentiation and innovation to your business.